Club is a union and it's members try to be united and try to function as one.
Evidenced by gathered materials during raids the following can be concluded:
Club members break the law daily!

It is appropriate for the police to watch out for individuals wearing the club symbolics.
For police officers to assure their own and others safety it is advised to pay extra attention and be thoural when conducting surveillance.

Information regarding the conduct of different 1% clubs is awaited by
the organized and hard crimes division. Intel can also be forwarded
via criminal police officers.





Klan MC was founded in 1993 at Järvenpää, Finland. In 1999 chapter
in Pärnu, Estonia. In year 2000 the club was officially noted as a
national motorcycle club therefore gaining Finland and Estonia rockers.
Suure-Jaani and Tartu chapters have been opened in Estonia.



S u p p o r t
P i c t u r e s
G u e s t b o o k
C h a p t e r s
C o n t a c t


Müristaja MC